"Watch How I Took a Total Newbie to Selling Information on the Internet and Showed Her How to Make $4,000 a Month Consistently With Her Report - Are You Next?"

Discover the Step-By-Step Nitty Gritty Details of How to Launch Your Own eBook Using Many Free or Low-Cost Newbie-Friendly Tools!


Dear Budding Entrepreneur,

I'm not here to fill your head with visions of mansions and lofty days spent lounging by the pool while you flick $100 bills at cabana boys who refill your Martini glass. 

I'm just here to show you that making money on the Internet is a reality, and that you can determine how much you want to work, which translates into how much you'll make.

It's a really simple process, too - something even the most technically-challenged person can master. And once you do it one time, you just wash, rinse, repeat and increase your earnings each time.

Creating your own eBook with lots of extra selling opportunities inside the pages (and other secret, hidden areas I'll reveal to you) is just the beginning of how you can start a business online using everyday information people search for in Google!


Find out what happened when I took one woman willing to be my "guinea pig" and turned her into an eBook success story to prove my results


You don't want to be someone's guinea pig - not if you're paying your hard earned dollars for the information.  You want to know it already works, right?  Building an eBook Empire was created for you by testing it out on a total newbie - someone who didn't know a single thing about Internet marketing. She could basically check her email and post in a forum and that was it.

To help people just like you, the product had to be thorough, so as this woman went through the process herself, I took any questions or confusion she had and turned it into a tutorial inside the guide - so that by the time you got it, you wouldn't have ask, "But what about...?"

You simply won't find a more thorough eBook than this one that walks you through each step of how to start making money on the Internet by making and selling your own eBook.  I had her tell you in her own words what the experience was like...

Sandra Brown Was Spinning Her Wheels Trying to Make Ends Meet - And Then I Heard Her Distressed Story in an Online Forum and Reached Out to Help Her...


"Tiffany Dow’s program definitely works! I bought the dream about becoming a print book writer - seeing my name in print! Yeah, whatever.  My books even sold very well by print book standards but you wouldn’t know it by looking at my royalty check. Then I met Tiffany! She convinced me that with the same background I wrote my print books from, I could create an e-book empire and bypass my piddly print book royalties.

Obviously, I had nothing to lose! Using every page as a guide I followed her book verbatim. Since I had no internet marketing skills, I really had to rely on what she was telling me to do. I wrote my E-book products and then started to work her program.

My site now rakes in over $2,700 a month! [Update: Sandra had her first $1,000+ day on April 23rd, 2007, taking in $1,132.95 and it brought her total earnings for the month to over $4k, which she now gets on a regular basis!]. My E-book niche is actually in an area that is not often considered to be a sales-oriented niche and I had my concerns when I launched. But it appears you can make almost any niche profitable!

But wait—I have more to report! Because of my E-book sales, I have been able to create other streams of income. I had so many people emailing me after they read my E-books that I started an on-line chat forum for them. They invite their friends in and I have my products on the forum as well so people buy right off the forum.

I monitor the forum and see what they talk about and then I create an E-product around that OR I post on the forum and ask “What kind of E-product do you need?” Since they already bought from me and are hanging out on my forum, they obviously trust me. So I write what they need. I send them weekly emails with whatever E-product I have created.

Wait there’s more! They also mention other kinds of physical products they would like to see to go along with my E-book products so I try to create those too. I am now converting my E-books into MP3 audio files and CD’s so that’s a whole other market--one that is still digital (the audio files) and one that is physical.

But wait—there’s more! Since my customers are hanging on my site, I have now started marketing my own conferences to them at which I will now sell not my E-books but now my print books and physical products! It has increased my print book sales unbelievably! I can now funnel my customers to various sites depending on whether I just launched another E-book or a physical product. They go where I funnel them!

I have trained them that on Thursdays to expect an email from me with some great tips about my niche and free advice but also some new offer. I generate income every Thursday and my primary E-books sales double for the next few days.

I have also started doing telephone consulting which I offer at a discounted price on my E-book sales page AND in my forum. On a slow month, I make between $500-600 for yacking on the phone!   

And even more---my E-books have done very well for being a newbie! I just attracted one of the big joint venturists who puts together mega deals for the marketing guru’s who just agreed to do a joint venture on my E-books! That’s quite an honor for a newbie.

And this all started when one day I was whinning about my income on-line and an angel named Tiffany Dow said to me, “You know….you don’t have to tolerate bad income. I have an idea…” The rest, as they say, is history!

Here’s To Your Financial Success Using Tiff’s Proven Methods!"

Sandra L. Brown, M.A.





Everything You Need to Know to Build a Steady, Consistent Cash Flow Is Here: 


 Don't Make the Same Mistake I Did!

For Years I Sat Back and Watched as People Hired Me for $1,000 to Do the Labor of Writing Their eBook While They Then Turned Around and Launched It Making $500 a Day or More!

Don't be intimidated by what you don't know. I lost six years of income being confused because nobody would teach me. I had to learn by trial and error - and it helped that I found 1 honest mentor to fill me in on the details of how to get started all the way through to completion. 

Now I want to be your personal mentor - someone you can email and say, "Hey Tiff - what do you think about _______?"  Do you wish you knew which market to target? What sells? Who will buy digital downloads from a virtual nobody with no credentials to speak of? I'll show you who... 

Do you want answers to these questions:

What do I do if I've never been to college to become a professional writer? 

How long does an eBook have to be?

What's the shelf life for an eBook?

How long does it take from start to finish to create and sell my own eBook?

What is a "Joint Venture" - and how do I get one if I have no contacts in the industry yet?

How do I juggle my "day job" with the creation of my own eBook until I can start selling online fulltime?

What's the difference between a trendy topic and an evergreen topic?

What if my topic has already been done before?

What style should I write in when creating my own information product?

If I sell the eBook, how can I make more money from it after the initial sale?

The answers to these questions are all found in chapter 1 of Building an eBook Empire!  And there's SO much more after chapter 1. It's a soup-to-nuts eBook creation course that won't leave you with huge gaps of missing information.

You'd be shocked to find out how much is kept hidden from the average consumer - like the mom or dad who wants so badly to say goodbye to their 8-5 job and work from home without struggling financially. Yet most "how-to" products you read about making money on the Internet conveniently leave out the fine details. 

Instead of saying, "Here's how you do it - step-by-step - with screen shots," they say, "You need to find out how to..." Well isn't that what you downloaded their product for? With Building an eBook Empire, you won't be disappointed.

Eric Rockefeller's Take on My eBook:


I can't believe you're doing this! But I am sure it will make the action takers a lot of money...What you have here is literally the secret blueprint that many of us don't want our competitors to know about.

And who better to expose it, than you - the one person we trust to write the most killer niche eBooks for us...I'm not sure whether to be mad at you, or happy for you :)

I consider you one of my secret weapons, and you've proven to be a very valuable asset.  You are one of the few people that get to see what's going on behind the scenes with some major players.

Teaching others how to make money online is just the icing on the cake for many a marketer. It's not really where the bulk of our online income is coming from...And you exposed it!

Shame on you!

Well, I suppose I can't get too steamed as you make me a lot of money...Now you are going to make a lot more customers BIG money, if they follow this guide...blueprint actually.

Excellent read as always, and worth way more than what you are charging...

Eric Rockefeller


Empire-Building Secret #1: Create an eBook That Provides Solutions to Your Audience - Whether It's How to Garden or How to Put the Spice Back Into Your Relationship!

You know people are spending money online, but you have no clue what they're buying - especially when it comes to digital downloads like eBooks. Do you have to "write what you know" or what your hobbies are or can you seek out a niche that is thriving and make money anyway? 

Empire-Building Secret #2: How to Look at What Others Are Selling and One-Up Them With an Even Better Product!

While other marketers simply tell you to "spy on the competition," I show you what that means, exactly. You'll be shocked to see how my guru clients troll the 'net to spy on other marketers and steal their success right out from under them. What I teach you isn't unethical - it's how to provide better solutions to online consumers than anyone else is providing.

Empire-Building Secret #3 : How to Use a List of Words and Phrases That I Show You How to Gather With the Click of Your Mouse That Will Have People Flooding to Your Site! 

You may not know your broad term from a long-tail, but it's okay - it's a simple concept I'll teach you step-by-step and once we're done, you'll have an armory of thousands of keywords that are automatically generated for you that will help people find your site online and buy the eBook that you're selling!  

Empire-Building Secret #4: How to Digitally Format Your eBook so People Can't Steal It and Put Their Name on It and Set It Up for Automatic Delivery, Helping You Maintain a Hands-Off Approach!

You Won't Have to Worry That I'll Send You to the Kiddie Table When It's Time to Learn About Compiling Your Product for Digital Download ... If I Can Do It, I Know You Can, Too! Many people know how to open Word and start typing - but what then?  How do you make it so people can't steal it and put their name on it?  How do you place it online for people to download after the buy? All of the answers are in Building an eBook Empire.

Empire-Building Secret #5: How to Start from Scratch and Write a Sales Page That Convinces People to Buy Without Shelling Out $10,000 for a Copywriting Pro to Write It or Compromising Your Integrity with Hype and Lies!

Instead of Saying, "Study the Masters of Copywriting and Learn How to Do It" ... I'm Going to Walk You Through It So That It Makes the Learning Process Lightening Fast! I don't believe in lying to consumers. I know many adopt this concept as a way to sell more than they (hopefully) refund, but if your product's good, you shouldn't need to lie to people.  If you tell them the truth and let them decide if it's what they need, they'll spend money with you.

Janet Wilson of Empowerism on Building an eBook Empire:



This book was never a matter of "if" - it was always a definite "when!"  Ever since I hired you back in 2002 to write for Empowerism, I knew you would eventually take everything you were learning and doing and turn it into an eBook that would teach the masses.  You have managed to exceed my expectations with "Building an eBook Empire" - congratulations!

What makes your book different from most others on the market is that you actually did everything you teach here to get you where you are today - you are living proof that the "secrets" you reveal really do work - I've watched it happen!  This blueprint you have created, written in a way that even the newest of the newbies can understand and follow, can be used with success by anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort. And we all know that's what ultimately separates the success stories from the quitters - how (and whether) they use the information they are given.

I admire your attention to detail and commitment to quality, and I have no doubt that your book will teach and inspire thousands of entrepreneurs and Internet marketers to create their niche and rake in extraordinary profits.

Janet Wilson - Empowerism

Empire-Building Secret #6: How to Put Together a Simple 1-Page Minisite (Like This One) at No Cost to You!

I Won't Badger You Into Using Only One Site-Building Tool (That I Conveniently Make a Hefty Commission Off of) ... I'll Give You CHOICES as to How You Can Build Your Minisite - Including FREE Ways You Can Download Templates and Get Started in Mere Minutes, By-Passing the Whole Dirty and Confusing Web-Building Process! See this site? No fancy graphics. No amazing images. Just the facts. That's all you really need to sell it.  But I also show you how to take your minisite layout to the next level if you want to get fancy with it!

Empire-Building Secret #7: How to Unleash Your eBook Into the Marketplace and Allow Thousands of Affiliates (AKA: Salespeople) to Help You Increase Sales and Earnings!

I Won't Cram Your Brain Full of Technically Difficult "Shopping Cart" Gadgets ... I'm Going to Walk You Through TWO Easy Setups for Payment Processors That I Know Work and Will Attract Salespeople to Help You Make a Hefty Income.  Don't know what an affiliate is?  It's someone who drives a lot of traffic to your site in exchange for a portion of the sale of your eBook. You don't have to have affiliates, but you'll soon learn why you'll want to!

Empire-Building Secret #8: How to Create the Perfect Affiliate Management Program That Lets You Go Light on Advertising Because You'll Have a Sales Force Who Goes Out and Brings Customers to You!

...You're Going to Find Out How to Launch Your Own Affiliate Program So Hundreds of Other People Do the Selling for You! I Won't Leave You in the Dark About a Single Detail!  Some affiliates make 6 figures a year promoting other people's products. Would you like it if the other half of their sales funneled right into your bank account? 

Empire-Building Secret #9: How to Take Any of Your Products and Cross-Sell Them to the Same Buyers for Increased Profitability!

...You'll Get a Crash Course on Building a Backend Empire for Your eBooks, So That Each Individual Sale Snowballs Into More! What's a backend?  It's what you do after the initial sale. A major rule of business is not to try to always get new customers, but to take the customers you have and keep them buying again and again. It's less work and they've proven their loyalty once, so why not provide solutions to them again and again?

Here's What Howie Schwartz Had to Say:

"You will read other testimonials on this page about the eBook - so I wanted to do something a bit different and give a testimonial about Tiffany Dow.

When Dr. Mike & I setup expert interviews for Web2Secrets.com you saw names you knew including: Jeff Johnson, Sean Wu, and Keith Baxter and a name that you may not have known (at the time) - Tiffany Dow!

Why did I reach out and feature Tiffany? Because she was the FIRST marketer to write about Squidoo (being first / early to a market is critical). Lets go back a bit further (history is important) - Tiffany has also ghostwritten for me in the past.  I believe that you need to judge an information marketer by their history (not just one product) - and Tiffany rates 5 stars!

Oh Yeah, I was supposed to review "Building an eBook Empire" so here it goes:  I sat down for a few hours on a beautiful Sunday to read it cover to cover and it lives up to my previous praise of Tiffany.  It's a solid step by step guide (no hype / fluff). Tiffany is the real deal."

Howie Schwartz - 'Premium Web 2.0 Domain Names'

Most Businesses Don't Earn Any Profits in Their First Couple of Years, But with eBooks, Overhead Is Kept So Low You'll Be "in the Black" (Meaning Making Money) in Weeks, If Not Days! 

Start-up costs are so low with an eBook business that you can truly build an empire at just $20 a pop or less to start. A domain is less than $10 and hosting is a few bucks a month - and that's all you have to pay for, unless you want to upgrade from the do-it-yourself route and invest in some tools.

I'll Even Help You Learn How to Promote Your Business for $0...Nada...NOTHING...Not One Dime!   

...Want to know how to set up, customize, and use a WordPress blog and RSS feed to get people sharing the link to your website all over the 'net?  The blog helps you get traffic, and the feed helps people stay tuned to your many online offerings!

 ...The right way to tap into any social networks - like Squidoo or MySpace - where consumers clamor for your guidance and recommendations. Plus, you get a recipe for automating your socialization so that you don't have to spend too much time on it. 

 ...Free and fee-based options you can use to distribute a press release about your eBooks (Plus a standard, 1-page template you can use where you just plug in your own information)!

 ...The right way to use that little blurb or link at the bottom of your posts in forums that you participate in. You can make a lot of money off of this ad space called a "sig file!"

 ...A safe way to start paying for advertising without worrying about risking the shirt off your back. (I added this to protect those of you who will mistakenly believe that all targeted traffic has to be bought - it's just not true)!

...How to manage your customers for repeat sales instead of having to double your workload and find new buyers each time you launch another piece of your eBook empire!

Why Do I Want to Share These Secrets With You?


or years, I've helped make other people rich.  I created some of the best-selling eBooks on the Internet - several of them still reside in the top 5 on ClickBank (a digital marketplace) and my clients tell me they've continued making $500 a day or more in profits. 

But I wrote them for other people.  As a ghostwriter, I skillfully crafted books commissioned by some of the world’s most successful – and richest – marketers!  I also wrote the ad copy that made those books so astonishingly valuable for their owners.

Then, I had an epiphany.  Instead of making everybody else so fabulously rich, I would concentrate on increasing my own income by taking my eBooks that I wrote and launching them for sale on my own minisites.  

I threw myself into learning, researching and networking about the process. It didn't happen easily because non of my former clients would share what they did after I handed over the written product.

I didn't have a technical bone in my body (and still don't to this day), so I had no clue what to do next. They didn't fill me in because it was better for them if I stayed a ghostwriter because it made them richer. 

I know my system works within any niche and it's something anyone can do.  How can I say this so confidently?  Because I use the system in my own eBook Empire every single day. I found out their secrets - and I no longer write for others - I write for myself.

I don't feel a savvy few should hold all of the cards. I think there's plenty of new growth on the 'net to afford all of us a healthy bottom line.


You Asked for It, So I Delivered!

Before I launched this product to the public, I let about a dozen people buy it and tell me exactly what they wanted for the bonus item. Every single one asked for a bonus on how to write, so that's what I developed!

In How to Write a Great Product When You're Not a Professional Writer, You’ll Learn:

 How to save money by taking the "do it yourself" path to writing your own eBook.

How to create consumer-driven content that won't wind up with a high rate of refunds. 

 A variety of point of view choices for you to choose from when developing a voice for your eBook.  

 The difference between being conversational and unprofessional when writing for an online audience!

 How to brainstorm a new idea, research it, and write about it - or draw from your own knowledge and experience to produce a one-of-a-kind product your target audience will love! 

 What you need to know about plagiarism so you don't find yourself in hot water! 

 A simple Microsoft Excel blueprint you can steal from me to organize your eBook creation process and keep things moving along at a nice pace. 

I even take you all the way through to the editing process, so that when you're ready to launch, your readers are 110% satisfied with their purchase.

Your Invitation to an Exclusive, Private Mentoring Community!

I've had an overwhelming positive response to my eBook. But I know how hard it is to take even the best information and apply it. So when you buy the eBook, and verify your subscription to Building an eBook Empire, you'll receive an email about how to get your personal invitation to a community I created where I will mentor you on your way from start to finish.

Not only will the community be closed to outsiders, but you'll get to form relationships with other marketers who could be your future Joint Venture partner. Networking in this industry is vital to your growth and branding. 

I don't want you to waste your time or money if you are seeking a "get rich quick" no-work business model. I don't believe they exist! But if you want to roll up your sleeves and put in some elbow grease, I will show you how to start making money on the Internet.

This strategy is something myself and others use on a consistent basis, and I build my own empire one product at a time. It's not a business where you have so many plates spinning in the air that they all come crashing down on top of you, leaving you broke and despondent about where your future lies.

Does it mean you can never branch out into other areas of Internet marketing? No. In fact, building a good, strong base of information products will allow you to set your income on auto-pilot so that you do have time to explore other areas - but you first want to make sure your income is built sufficiently for you to stay afloat while you do dabble in other areas.

Everyone's in such a hurry to be the next overnight millionaire. How about making your first few bucks consistently, day after day - and then seeing $100 days on a regular basis - and then waking up to a steady rise in profits?  Quit buying into get-rich-quick schemes!

For 6 years, I've been the "ghostwriter to the gurus." They built their own eBook Empires so that they could branch out into options that let them take part in big launches and joint venture partnerships that wow all the little guys still hoping to have the same kind of fame and fortune.


I'm So Confident My System Works,
I'm Backing It With a No-Risk GUARANTEE!

I really want you to be 100% satisfied with this information, and I'm completely confident you will. So let me remove any doubt from your mind...

Place Your order today And if you are not thoroughly convinced this information is not worth every single penny you paid, just let me know and  I will refund 100% of your money. I can't be any fairer than that!

You have 8 full weeks to try it out!

By the way, I don't sell behind-the-scenes. I'm easily accessible and respond to all of my emails myself.  If you have any questions before - or after - you place your order, you can contact me at any time.

Yes! Tiffany, I Want to Start Building My Own eBook Empire!


"I Want to Download a Copy of...

Building an eBook Empire...and

2.  How to Write a Great Product When You're Not a Professional Writer

All for a Wise Investment of $27.00 that you PROMISE Will Be Worth It!"

Order online safely and securely via PAYPAL..



From One eBook Entrepreneur to the Next...



P.S. As much as I want you to benefit from Building an eBook Empire, I also have one favor to ask you.  Before you download this one-of-a-kind wealth-building guide, you have to promise that you won’t squander this rare opportunity away.  If you truly believe you’re ready to handle these powerfully effective secrets – and the type of wealth that accompanies them – then buy the eBook.  But don’t – please don’t – waste your money if you’re just going to buy this eBook and let it gather cobwebs on your hard-drive! 

P.S. Once again, you get the main guide on Building an eBook Empire plus the bonus requested by those who already bought the guide called How to Write a Great Product When You're Not a Professional Writer - all for a smart $27 investment!

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